Audio Mixdown with drop in issue

Hi there, I have recorded a single track of voice over. In the sample editor I have set an in point. as the audio progressed I dropped in a short re record and then carried on in sample editor until set the out point. I now have 3 chunks of audio. I then (still in sample editor) export the mixdown as a wav file for example. However the drop in is silent on the mixdown. This never was the case in previous versions… I just set a start did drop ins and set an end exported and all was good.

To get it to include the drop in I have to be out of sample editor… when I am recording say 30 mins of voice and exporting bits of it …it is easier to stay in sample editor… help …please

Cubase 6 artist

Sorted it… I found the solo editor button… unclicked and all is good