audio mixer without db scale

I´m still missing a db scale for the audio mixer or more precisely an indicator of the actual fader position in db.
At this time it is not possible to see the level change you have made.
Playing with this has something like a game of luck.

I hope this is somehing that will be included in one of the next updates.

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll certainly consider this for future versions.

Hello, friends!
I’ll add that the MIDI fader doesn’t have a scale either. If Ctrl+click on the fader, it is reset to 0 instead of setting it to at least 100. Very uncomfortable. It is impossible to calibrate the loudness of the instruments.

Future versions have already come. :slight_smile:
Dear developers, please fix this problem.
Thanks for understanding.

Even the most devoted users among us have our own lists of things we’d like to see fixed or added. But with the rapid pace of development to this point, it’s easy to be patient.

If do not report problems, they will never be fixed.

It could be construed as arrogant to assume that nobody else has reported the “problem” you’re reporting…

Where is the arrogance in my words? Please specify.
I didn’t create a new topic. This indicates that I see messages from other users. Please show me where it is forbidden to remind about tasks?
I can see you’re being disrespectful to me.
Sorry, are you a Dorico developer?

No, Leo’s a user just like the rest of us, but he’s trying to help you understand forum etiquette.

It’s one thing to report an issue. It’s quite another to demand that the team fixes it right now. This forum is a great opportunity to share ideas and requests, but the squeaky wheel doesn’t get the grease.

The arrogance was implied in the missing word that my brain automatically filled in: “I”, within the sentence
“If do not report problems, they will never be fixed”. I suppose it’s possible that you mean to write “we”, but it’s unlikely seeing as that’s two missing letters rather than one.

I didn’t know the phrases “Dear developers…” and “please…” don’t mean polite treatment and polite request. Now, thanks to your advice, I will know that these phrases mean nothing. More precisely, mean impolite treatment commanding tone.
If dear Leo is not a Dorico developer, then I have no questions for him.

This is weird… "…in the missing word…"and you thought it out for me.
If I wanted to say “I”, I would write “I”. But the phrase was impersonal.

To All
Gentlemen, I suggest no more flood, and to write only on the merits of the topic.

Your sentence was nonsensical - it lacked a pronoun. My brain put “I” there, presumably in order to make a nonsensical sentence make sense. If you didn’t mean “I” then I apologise.

The thing that looked demanding (at least to me) was “future versions have already come”.
You can’t possibly know how many things are on the devlopers’ todo list, though you can certainly find out what they’ve completed in the past year: it’s all in the Version History document (and boy is it a long list).

Dear aveter,
I answered (quite roughly, I admit — it’s 2:30 am here and I really was surprised by your tone) another post of yours… Just to let you know that Leo is a real nice asset in the forum, if you need to learn a nice and efficient workflow :wink: Don’t mess with him 'cause you never know whether you’ll need him someday ^^
Fun stuff apart, I understand that you’re impatient about stuff that matters to you, but the areas Dorico has to cover are really wide and the dev team is limited (I’m not part of it neither but I learned to understand that) and sometimes, stuff needs time to be nicely implemented. This does not mean that your comment about how the mixer behaves is wrong (nor the beat stress in the playback). It will probably come when its time comes :blush: