Audio Montage > CD Text

Hello everyone!

I have to do a Master Audio CD; I’m trying an audio montage (with cd-text) but EVERY TIMES, on EVERY CD I BURN I cannot read track names, title, etc… No titles and No metadata on every cd reader and also nothing on VLC, APPLE MUSIC, ETC
When I’m preparing the audio montage I write metadata on every field (also in metadata folder > edit) but Nothing!

Is there anyone who knows the problem? Please help me!

Mac Os 10.15.7 Catalina
Wavelab Pro 9

CD-text is a special addition to the Red Book Audio-CD standard that not very many players can show. You have to be certain that the player you test this on has it (many car CD-players can read it). VLC, Windows Media Player etc do NOT read this from the CD but some computer players connect to the internet to find the data based on the tracks length and sequence… One way to make sure it was actually written is to import the CD into Wavelab.