Audio Montage - How to?

How to replace an edit track, with some cut parts?

The workaround I found was to bounce it with another name and import it again and reorder the montage…

But is there another approach to this?

I don’t understand the question. What do you want to achieve, for instance?

Hello,you could just Split “S” the track in Montage (first highlight it) and cut away the parts you don’t need using split points. Or you could use Regions (via Region markers) and render the selected regions.
Just trying to help.

Sorry, I I wasn’t very specific…

I’ve a track that I had some cuts. Then I want to move that track without losing their relative position on the cut parts.

So I’ve 2 chances: render it or maybe group it (I don’t know if it’s possible).

The question is: it’s possible to render all that track and replace it ‘automatically’?

Then I want to move that track without losing their relative position

Move it where?

Change their order.

Imaging I’ve a 10 tracks audiomontage and have a track that’s edited with some cuts.
Then I’ve to change the audiomontage order and it gaves some errors…

If by ‘track’ you mean an assembled group of clips that will be a CD track or song (and not the ‘lane’ that is called a track in Wavelab), then you probably should use the ‘group’ function. Select the several clips (or parts of clips) by clicking on them while holding CTL, and then call the ‘group’ function from the clips tab. These clips are now fixed together and can be moved around to a different lane (= track in WL speak) or a different position in the same lane (track). You can also render the selected group to a single new file and then work with that.

Luck, Arjan

Maybe you are looking for this function?..

No, I want to change from CD track 2 for CD track 5 for example…

I’m going to try that. Thanks

And can I render and replace that selected group ‘automatically’?

Then try Drag and drop from within the CD Track list, to reorder.