Audio Montage - Outputting WAVs as they appear in Wavelab

Is there a way of exporting the individual WAVs as they appear in Wavelab? If I assemble an audio montage with tracks fading into one another etc. Wouldn’t it be great to output those WAVs as they appear so that when you upload to Spotify (et al) they would play like your CD?

What exactly do you mean by this?

I meant when you assemble CDs in Wavelab, you can fade one track into another track therefore changing the run off time of the track previous to the fade. If I upload the individual WAVs when it plays in Spotify (for example) the gaps between the tracks will be different to the CD assembled on Wavelab

WaveLab Elements or Pro?

Pro 11

In the Render settings, you can choose to render all CD track regions. An alternative is to render all clips.

I do this all day every day. It’s already possible.

This week’s WaveLab livestream will focus on it again:


thanks everyone!!

The quick/short answer is to first arrange the audio as you want it to sound, without any regard to CD tracks.

Then, if you use CD Track Splice Markers instead of separate end/start markers for each song, it makes things simpler. The very first track needs to be a CD Track Start Marker and the end of the very last track needs to be a track end marker, but the rest can be CD Track Splice Markers.

Once the audio and track markers are placed where you want (easily done with the CD Wizard and fine tuned manually if needed), if you render “All Marked Regions/CD Tracks”, the rendered WAV files will be exactly the same as the CD tracks would be, even when it comes to songs with overlapping audio.

To be extra precise, you want to quantize the markers to the nearest CD frame before rendering.

You can then double check your rendered WAVs by making a test montage and butting up the files back to back to back with absolutely no extra space between the files, to make sure there are no hiccups between the tracks, and the spacing between songs is as you intended. This is how the streaming services and media players will play the files by default, unless there are settings that tell it otherwise.

Myself and others tend to render the montage as one long file first to lock in the audio processing correctly before rendering track by track.

Attached is a screen shot of what the Markers Tab looks like when using CD Track Splice Markers, as well as what render settings I use and the CD Wizard settings I use before doing any rendering.

I do many mastering projects where songs overlap a bit and with these practices, my master WAVs for digital distribution 100% match the DDP for CD production, and vinyl pre-master.

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