Audio Montage > Save (Error/Bug Fix Needed)

While working on a previously created Audio Montage in Steinberg Wavelab 8.0.4 on windows 8 pc platform I noticed a small bug save error that created a huge problem for tonight. After working on finalizing the mixing process for one of my songs tonight I clicked save because I was working on a project that I had already previously created. When I clicked > save the program did not save the edit that I was working on. When I tried to open the program it retained all the old settings from when I first created the project. The timestamp on the file said 5/22/2015 but I clicked save today 6/10/2015. I tried to test this a few times after I noticed the save button wasn’t working and yeah the save button isn’t working correctly. If I create a new project name for the file I can > save as, the Audio Montage but if I just choose the option > save, the files newest editing will be lost, like it was for me tonight. I am disappointed to find out there is a possibility of a bug like this in Wavelab 8.0.4. Is there anything I/You can do?

Could it be that your file is read-only?

No I checked that already.

Is it on a network share or external disk that you don’t have write permissions for?

sort of, the file at the time was on an external hard drive but I wouldn’t think there would be a problem with the write permissions. The file was not on a network share. I was offline at the time.

I solved the issue. I think the folder was too many folders deep on my hard drive and the file name was too long. Both of those caused a conflict.