Audio Montage - Volume Envelope Curve Points


Is there a way to constraint movement of a single curve point vertically? If I Shift-Click a curve point, movement is constrained horizontally. I thought Ctrl-Click would do this, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

WaveLab 10.0.20/Win10.


Yes: click on the point, THEN press Shift + control (cmd on Mac), then move.
then THEN is necessary, else this triggers another feature.

Thanks PG! Worked perfectly - knew there had to be a trick to it :slight_smile:

Points on the audio curve represent the volume peaks and lows. To add a point, right-click on the audio curve and choose Add Volume Point from the pop-up menu. Next, drag the audio point to the necessary volume level. You’ll notice that the surrounding parts also move with the point to make the transition smoother.