Audio montage

I’m new to this Wavelab 9 and I would sure need a tutorial to make an audio montage. I can’t find a decent Youtube clip on the matter.

I don’t know of a tutorial, but it’s pretty easy.

File / New / Audio Montage

Double click the 44.1 template. After the montage opens, click the 44100 at the bottom right of the montage if you want to change the sample rate.

Right click (or Control-click Mac) in the top track of the montage to insert audio files. I use the Up and Down arrow keys on the keyboard to zoom in and out on the track.

Scroll to the CD tab at the top left, or Tool Windows > CD. On the CD tab, select the CD Wizard button to add CD Track Markers.

I’m sure someone else will know of a tutorial.

If you’re using Wavelab Elements, the clips in the montage serve as CD Tracks. There are no CD Track Markers or wizard like in Wavelab Pro.

At last! Thanks!

I was going mad looking for the CD Wizard!