Audio mysteriously cutting out

My goal was to create a big wash of moaning-groaning sounds. Then take that wash and use MIDI Gate to create a rhythm with it. Something I’ve done a bunch of times.

So I created a new Project just to build the wash outside the Project it will be used in. Recorded a dozen or so Audio Tracks and messed with the pitch on some until it sounds like I want. I’ve got all these Tracks routed to a Group Track with MIDI Gate on it being triggered by a separate MIDI Track - so I can check the gated sound. But in the end I only want the ungated wash.

So I’m turning the gate bypass on and off while I fine tune the wash sound. Then all the audio just stops during playback except every once in a while all the Tracks play for a moment. This sounds exactly like they are all being gated via a side-chain. Except this “gating” does not match what the MIDI Gate is set to do & the MIDI Gate is disabled anyway.

So it sounds like there must be another gate in the signal flow… or not. I removed the Group Channel with the MIDI gate and route all the Audio Tracks to Stereo out, then in the Mixconsole I bypass every Insert, Send, EQ, & Strip in the entire Project - this should mean there is nowhere in the signal flow for a gate to run. Also verified nothing was in CR Inserts. Still the “gating” is occurring on all the Tracks at the same time. In the attached gif while you can’t hear sound you can see that the waveform does not match when the meter moves (which matches the sound). You can also see the short clean signal flow.

If any of the audio is opened in the Sample Editor it plays fine, likewise in the Pool. Closing Cubase and restarting didn’t help.

I’m totally baffled at what could be causing this. Starting to worry my DAW is haunted. :smiling_imp: