Audio no show. Can't record audio. Cubase Pro

Hi everybody.
I’m a cubase user of twenty years currently running cubase pro 11 and trying to record an audio signal. Using Macbook Pro 2014.
There is a signal to the soundcard but it doesn’t show up in the daw. I’ve tried two cards with the same result. The audio connections are all set correctly within the program but the signal doesn’t show up when I select monitor. Have tried everything I can think of. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

Allow cubase to use the microphone in the Mac OS.

Thanks for the idea but I need the sound to come in from my audio interface, a guitar or microphone signal.

What interface? UAD? Im having all kinds of issues with my 5 piece uad setup thats worked great til last week

Beginning with Mohave you have to make sure the microphone is enabled for Cubase in Security Preferences. (system preferences / security)
This seems to be a flaw in Apple’s nomenclature, the “microphone” permissions inexplicably has dominion over all audio inputs.

Yes same thing, Microphone is just all audio input in APPLE speak :grinning:

Macbook pro with u-phoria 404hd and Scarlett interfaces, will be upgrading soon!
See stevonts reply. This fixed my issue… on to the next issue!