Audio not following tempo track with cut / paste

I have a recording where the tempo changes from 108 to 114 in 2 different places.
I recorded an audio track over the first tempo change. I then Copied that part and pasted it into the next part on the same track where the 2nd tempo change occurs. The pasted version is staying on 108 and the audio is going out of sync once the tempo goes to 114. The pasted version is noticeably shorter than the original when viewing the waveform, as it seems to be staying at 108bpm. I assumed that as the tempo change and length of both parts were identical, it would just copy over fine. What am i missing here.


You would need to enable the Musical Mode on the Audio Event to make sure it follows the tempo changes.

when i enable musical mode it speeds the whole audio event up to what i assume is 114 so the first part at 108 is way ahead of the rest of the recording


Hi, does the tempo fit with the faster (114BPM) part, now?

because it starts playing faster at 108, once it gets to the 114 it is way out. The audio event is not following the temp changes it only stays at one tempo


Here is the description in the manual.