Audio not playing / GUI bug found.

Win 8 x64
Nuendo 6.0.2

Repro (?):

1. Open project and verify it plays.
2. Minimize Nuendo (hide it). (this might not be necessary)
3. Set computer to sleep.
4. Attempt playback.

At this step on my computer the project won’t play audio. If I have the visual set to “waveform” in the mixer it will show whatever amount of waveform that was present in that region of the window at the time I put the machine to sleep, but then abruptly cuts off any more visual waveform. Regardless of seeing the waveform I hear no audio. And no audio is visible on any actual meters.

5. Activate a different project.

This plays back fine.

6. Switch back to first project and activate.

This now plays back but my mixer window is screwed up beyond fixing. With my main Nuendo window maximized the project window fills up the screen appropriately but the mix window looks as if it’s set for a desktop that’s significantly larger, as if it’s been scaled to cover that space. Strangely enough this affects Fader and Control Room sections ONLY, and not the upper section I had set to meters/waveforms or the left sidebar with track visibility.

I can scale the sections that are visible. This means that I can make the control room pane wider, but the bottom is still not visible. Same for faders. Making the window smaller doesn’t help. It still looks as if part of the mixer window is “living” inside a monitor resolution much larger than what’s actually available.

Only fix now is quit / restart.

Anybody else?

Does not repro here on a HP pavilion notebook.
Nuendo 6 minimised or not, with mixer set on wave.
When I wake up the computer it does sounds and even the 720p video that was on the project played well with TC on the overlay.

Sound and video card driver issue ?

Thanks for checking. Are you also on Windows 8 on this Pavilion?

Also, I don’t think it’s the a/v driver/hardware. I have N5.5 on it and had no problems.

I’ll investigate further tomorrow or Tuesday.

Fredo: Perhaps add a “?” in the thread title, I forgot.

Yes I’m on Windows 8 on this notebook.
I had to install the drivers from the video card manufacturer (AMD) as Nuendo 6 would not recognise my video card as a valid video playback device with the windows 8 included drivers.