Audio not working

I have a version of Cubase called Cubase AI that I received with my purchase of an interface. I’ve been trying everything I can think of to get it to work but I’m just so frustrated.

I grew up using technology so I’m not entirely illiterate PC-wise, but I still don’t understand how to troubleshoot properly when stuff goes wrong so here I am.

Basically the audio is showing to be present (there’s a visualizer in the bottom corner which reacts when I play samples of loops and stuff). But I can’t hear it and I figure that has to do with the ‘audio driver’ I’m using or something? Again I usually just use my default Realtek whatever-it-is but I guess it’s not working this time. I messed with it to try to fix it but I ended up making it worse and confusing myself, so I eventually just deleted and redownloaded every Cubase file in an effort to reset it back to defaults. That way I can get help without first being lifted out of the hole I dug for myself.

If anyone can help me I’d be immensely grateful. If someone answers me I’ll add more details so that you know the exact situation.

I just want to get started on my first project but this has been holding me up for weeks and I’m at my wit’s end.

Studio/Studio setup: select the audio interface
Studio/Audio connections: assign stereo output to the audio interface

It should sound.

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Which interface?

Does your “interface” have a dedicated ASIO driver? If so, that is what you should be using. I am going to assume it does, since Cubase AI versions are included with Yamaha/Steinberg hardware.

Which version of Cubase AI are you using? It can make a difference, as some of the menu names have changed and it might be confusing to use the wrong terms.

Have you downloaded and installed the proper driver for your interface? If so, it should show as an available option.

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I read the whole box and I didn’t seem to see any dedicated drivers listed. My interface is the UR12 USB Audio Interface (from Steinberg) with Cubase AI included.

I read the instruction manual and found that there is a driver required – the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver. Will edit answer if it ends up working.

Here, may be:

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I downloaded this and did everything I was supposed to, but the sound still isn’t playing through my headphones. I don’t understand why.

EDIT: I had my headphones connected to my computer and not the “PHONES” jack on my interface. Now I do have them connected that way but it still isn’t giving me any sound.

Have you done this?



Yes, I did. I am using Windows. I turned up the Output knob on my little interface, and am able to hear ordinary volume (outside of Cubase) through it. HOWEVER, I am trying to add loops and samples to my music before I actually record any external, self-made tracks. When I try to play/hear those, nothing works. I never hear the audio from them. I STILL don’t understand why.

I’ve finally figured it out, and I actually did it entirely accidentally on my own. In the lower right corner when I am trying to preview sounds, there is a small bar with a little dot in it. Rolling over it displays the text, “preview level.”

It turns out that the “preview level” is the VOLUME BAR FOR PREVIEWS and it was automatically set at 0 THE WHOLE TIME!

I hope if someone else is struggling with this they find the answer through this post. And I hope everyone else gets a kick out of it! :joy: :woman_facepalming:

Thanks for all your help though. I wouldn’t have been able to get to the answer if I hadn’t even had the right ASIO driver installed (which I only did because of you guys).

THAT SAID: I hear no audio during playback of the loops once I put them in the main workspace area/the place you assemble the actual project. For this reason I’m not marking this thing solved yet. I need to hear the audio not just in previews but in actually playing back my project.