Audio offset when using daad conversion for hardware integration

Hi everyone,
i tried everything and cannot find a solution for that issue. When using either the hardware insert (in the clip, track or master section) or sending audio to the DA via a reference track and capturing the AD side with a regular track in an audio montage, there is a huge offset between the DAAD loop and the playback stream. On the meter of the converter i can see the level of the DA-feed to my hardware and the AD-input coming from the hardware being pretty much synchronus, but the DA output for the monitoring being delayed to the DAAD-loop a lot. The signal going to the wavelab metering then again is delayed to the monitoring output.
This also happens when no plugin is used in the project. I updated wavelab to 10.0.5 - nothing changed. It is running on a mac mini 2020, catalina . When i try the same thing in ableton, everything runs together smoothly without any offset.

EDIT: Interface is a RME ADI 2 PRO FS R

I think I have seen this too. I hope some improvements can be made here as I am also used to having zero latency so you see what you’re hearing on hardware meters, and so there is no delay between turning knobs on the hardware and hearing it.

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Hey Justin, have you seen this at your version of wavelab or somewhere else?

I noticed it when I tried doing the analog loop on my system.

And the problem disappeared?

No. I meant to say that I hope this can be improved in the future.

I see! Hope that too…

Do you know if a lot of people experience this issue?

I don’t know…but the more reports, the more likely it is that it will get addressed…so maybe this is a start.

I see this too. The latency side of things still need some work as it doesn’t operate as seamless as other DAWs.

Are there any news regarding that issue? i find it pretty annoying to hear what i am doing more than 1.5 seconds after actually doing it.

Really 1500 milliseconds ???
Have you contacted RME about this hard to believe !?
maybe there is a driver update etc.

regards S-EH

I don’t think it’s an RME thing. When I’m in REAPER (or year ago, Pro Tools), there is no latency when monitoring my analog chain before I print it. It’s probably the same for Cubase too.

When I’m in WaveLab, there is often a notable lag between any hardware changes and when I hear it.

There is a “direct monitoring” option but I think that kills all the metering if I remember correctly.

Hello S-EH, thanks for getting back!
Like Justin already wrote; this only occurs in Wavelab. When i use reaper or Ableton live, nothing like that happens - it just works smoothly without any noticeable latency.
I have not tried the direct monitoring option, but if it kills the meters, it doesn’t make sense for me to use it like that.

@_Justin_P, @_alexandervonhoersten
Hope this will get sorted!
Thanks for the info.

regards S-EH