Audio or Video syncronising

As a experienced user of different notation apps I do a lot of converting audiofiles (or videofiles) to notation by ear. As everybody knows, there is no decent app for this and even audioscore is just a bad joke. So my question is, wether Doricos syncing ability will once be so easy and fun to use like the one in soundslice (see this blog: This is so simple and fun to use, that I want this functionality in a professional scoring app like Dorico. The handling with (timecode) markers is ok, but the tempo changes which soundslice somehow creates are so good and smooth and right now I am not able to realize any usable result if the music has tempo changes and ritardandos. Or I fiddle around for several hours for a task soundslice can achieve in 1 minute.

Why not use Soundslice? It’s great, and it exports MusicXML, so you can do that portion of the job in Soundslice and then move to another program once it’s done.

I never thought about that, because soundslice is terribly slow for writing music. But perhaps your has opened me a new way of thinking. I could scetch an Melodie Line Import that in soundslice, make all the audio syncing and the export it back with the markers to Dorico. Well, actually it sounds a bit complicated, but I surely will try this. Alas, your answer can be heard that Dorico will not/never have this easy sync ability between Audio/Video and (existing) Notation

It’s up to you if you read it that way, but that’s certainly not what I wrote.

yes, That’s true I read your answer as a polite english way of saying “no”. But I’m happy, that I misinterpreted here. So there’s still hope, that Dorico will have one day some sort of smooth syncying ability like soundslice. It would be worth a lot for me.

This can be done very easily by tempo mapping the audio or video in your favorite DAW and then importing said tempo map into Dorico. You can even do it before transcribing a single note.

Yeah, I know! But check out the way soundslice is doing this, that’s completely different and simply genius! And that’s the thing I’m asking for.

Well, I don’t know what’s your DAW of choice, but, other than the cutesy pictograms with the quarter notes, I don’t see how it’s any different from Reaper, especially if you have SWS installed.