Audio ouput not registering

When I am trying to record an audio track, the input is registering, but not the output. Only one of the two blue metering lines are registering. I have pictures of my audio setup/VST connections. I am using stereo inputs/outputs and have a Steinberg CI2 interface with Cubase Artist 7.5. I would appreciate it if someone helped me out and told me What looks wrong with this setup.
Screenshot (4).png
Screenshot (3).png
Screenshot (2).png

more screenshots of audio connections…
Screenshot (8).png
Screenshot (7).png
Screenshot (6).png

What are you recording? If it’s a microphone (or mono instrument e.g. guitar), this is a mono signal and when recorded onto a stereo track will only register on either the left or right (depending on which input you’re using). You should set up a mono track.

There is no problem whatsoever with recording a mono input to a stereo track. You do want to be using a mono input and a stereo output, of course …

I’m not saying one cannot- shouldn’t do this or that this is a problem, just describing a reason he might be getting this effect.

Sure. Not trying to get on your case. Just wanted to point out that the stereo track wasn’t the problem :slight_smile: .

Agreed, all good :wink:

Hi folks, still a mystery to me after fiddling around with settings in my cubase 10 and searching on the web for a solution: I have installed Akai mpk2 as a controller and oddly since then, all my songs parts now only play on the right output. For instance, I have recorded two mono input tracks with guitars (stereo output). Usually I pan one to the left and the other one to the right. But whatever I pan to left ends up muted the further I go to the left. It does that will all my songs now. Anyone had this problem before?

Without seeing your routing/connections it is hard to tell what is going on. Not sure why you posted to a 6 year old unrelated topic. If you are using Cubase 10 (anybody’s guess which version), why did you not start a new topic in the Cubase 10 forum?

Good question, and thanks for reaching out! I’m not often on the forum (maybe three times over 5 years) so not familiar with procedures and I thought that if the topice has already been put out there best would be to post in the same one - obviously not :wink:
And to make matters more embarrassing, I found the reason: my kid had played with the headphones and broke the wire somehow in a way that I only hear the right output. I had to borrow his headphones to realise that…so this problem is not 100% resolved = don’t let a kid play with your gear!


Glad you got it figured out.