Audio Out New Laptop w/ UR44


I just put together a new Laptop computer specifically for BFD2 Drums. I bought a UR44 to handle all the audio chores and midi at hand, but am having some difficulties.

When Laptop (WIN 7, i7, 8 core, 16GB RAM) has UR44 connected, audio from GTRs play out into studio speakers through the UR44, as well as WAV files and Windows Media Player, YouTube (Internet) sound all play through the UR44 out my studio speakers, Cubase and dspMixFx do too … but my BFD2 audio is coming out laptop speakers, even though midi and audio are set up in MY Computer and BFD Prefs to play out the UR44.

Also I’m finding it hard to find info on the GTR Amp Simulators in UR44 … I poked around and found them briefly in Cubase, I have Input, but no AMP Simulator on output can they be accessed with the dspMixFx also ??? ???

Any help will be greatly appreciated.