Audio Out not corresponding to timeline position/Locator/Playhead

Hi all,
my Audio Output is about 1 second ahead of the acutal locator position. This driving me crazy… If i cylce a shor period, the output is correct. I have no clue. I tried different buffer sizes, preload times…
Im using a Focusrite Red4Pre via Thunderbolt with the latest Driver and Firmware on an Win 10 Pro Machine…
Any Ideas?

Thanks and best

Since these are new drivers for the Red4Pre, I would contact Focusrite directly, and let them know exactly what is happening.

Seems their buffer is wanky, if it is doing what you describe.
Tell them your exact machine specs, since there are so many permutations possible, they would need this info to try to pinpoint what is happening with your machine.

Also, “did you try turning it off, then on again?” Windows can sometimes sort stuff out as if by magic, by turning off then on again. Everything. turn on peripherals BEFORE the computer.