Audio Out of Sync from iPad Mic

Hi all,

I’ve been looking for this issue and found nothing, maybe I am not looking right.

When recording audio from the iPad’s mic, the recorded track is more than a 64th note in front of the beat (@120bpm). I’ve tested recording the metronome and got that confirmation. Also tested GarageBand and it is in sync.

It’s annoying to manually move and edit the beginning of every audio track…

Any thoughts or solution?

Hi Kouros,

Thanks for your message.

Using the internal mic as recording device results in a recording offset of 32 ms, which is caused by the the iPad hardware.
So far this offset can’t be compensated automatically. We will see if this can be changed in a future update.


??? If the offset is known and constant, how can’t it be compensated for? :nerd:

Hi Kouros,

We might compensate the latency at a later date when revisions of the audio engine are planned.


Ok :blush:

While you’re at it, please check the MIDI too (on screen playing). The latency is obviously there but I suspect the timing of the recorded tracks is a bit off, although I haven’t tested rigorously.

Hi Kouros,

Please provide me with a more detailed report, we’re not aware of any issues in that area.
Additionally, it might be useful to check the Hardware Latency settings located at Setup/Audio.



Even at Ultra Low there’s a small delay between touching the screen and hearing the note, which is to be expected.

The test I did was recording only one note along with the metronome. It looks like the recorded notes are a bit in front of the grid but not nearly as much as the audio thing I reported.