Audio output bus 'TV' option disappeared

Hi folks, bit of a newbie here I’m afraid! I got Cubase 7 LE free with my Zoom H1 recorder recently and have had it working perfectly for about a week, but suddenly something has gone wrong with my audio output setup & it’s a real puzzle!

I use an LG TV as monitor for my PC and listen to all audio through the TV headphone port. When I first set up the audio outputs in Cubase ‘LG TV’ came up as a Device Port option automatically and everything was fine. However, for some totally unknown reason, when I fired everything up last night the sound had just stopped working!

Having now investigated to the best of my ability, basically it appears that ‘LG TV’ has just vanished as an option for an audio bus, and I have no idea how to make Cubase find or see it again. I have tried deleting all outputs and adding a new bus (which I think I may have had to do initially to get the ‘TV’ option), but this time the only Device Port options are either ‘Headphones (High Definition 1 & 2)’ or ‘Not Connected’. The ‘Headphones’ in question appears to be the direct headphone port on the PC, which I tried and it works that way, but then any other audio I play through either the PC or TV is coming out of the TV speakers because my headphones are no longer plugged in there, which is a complete pain in the arse! I don’t want to have to be swapping the headphones over all the time, it’s a bit awkward & would be ridiculous, & I know there’s a better way! I just cannot find how to get it back like it was, it’s so frustrating…!

I’m not brilliant with computer tech stuff but I figure something has happened to the TV sound drivers or something, but I fear it is just completely beyond my control to get them working again, which is really rather depressing…

Please, does anybody recognise this problem, or have any idea what’s gone wrong & if it can be rectified? If so I would be extremely grateful for any help!

Oh, and apologies if this has already come up elsewhere before. I have looked through quite a few previous topics here to see if it’s been covered already but no joy so far. However, if anybody knows of another post of use then please direct me there!

Cheers, and thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Ok, forget that, sussed it now - bit quick to post earlier, sorry!
I found the LG TV device port option by going to Devices menu > Device Setup > Control Panel > Output Ports, and there it is. It seems to uncheck itself quite often, (I guess maybe the ‘Headphones’ have a stronger default priority or something), but at least it hasn’t actually fully disappeared after all, phew…! :smiley: