Audio Output has NO sound


I am using Cubase LE AI Elements 9.5 on window 10.

I have an issue with the audio output. The audio input and output ports seem to be connected but there is no audio output from my earpiece that I’ve plugged in.

When I speak into my microphone, it works perfectly fine, I can hear myself. But it doesn’t seem to have any sound coming from the earpiece when I try to play the audio track that I’ve imported in WAV format.

Adding on, the weird thing is this, the input port says that the microphone is missing. But when i connect to that and speak into the microphone, it works perfectly fine.

I tried doing the same thing a week ago and it works perfectly.

PLEASE HELP as i really need to complete the recording by this week!!!


Could you attach a screenshot of the Studio > Audio Connections (Devices > VST Connections) > Inputs and Outputs, please?

Can you see the meters, while playback?

Make sure, the Monitor button is disabled on the Audio track, while playback.


I have managed to resolve the issue. Thank you for trying to help. Appreciate it.


It would be nice, if you could share the solution, please. Thanks.


Sure thing.

It was the VST Audio system selection. UR12 Steinberg should be selected.

Hope this helps.