Audio Output Issue

Hello! I have a UR12 Audio Interface I’ve been having an issue with for a long time. Basically when I set my “Output Device” in Logic Pro X to “Steinberg UR 12” and start recording with my AT2035 microphone, the recorded track picks up audio from other tracks already present, like drums. When I switch on my metronome that gets recorded too. As a test I did nothing in front of my mic and pressed record, and it turns out it just records the other tracks together in total (resulting in a kind of dull sounding recording of those anyway). But when I change “Output Device” to “Built-in Output” this stops happening though. It would be really convenient if I didn’t have to connect my headphones (for monitoring and general playback) to my Macbook but to my audio interface instead.

I’ve searched in the forum but haven’t found anything of use yet. I have the latest drivers installed from Steinberg as well. For reference I’m running Logic Pro X on Mac OS 10.11.6, 2.4Ghz Core 2 Duo Processor, 8GB RAM, 250 HD.

P.S: I’ve tried Direct Monitoring and that works by the way. But for some reason I can’t hear other tracks or the metronome when I turn that on before I start recording. Thank you for your help!!