Audio Output Issues (Yes, again....)

I know, I know … this issue seems to have been covered ad nauseum on this board and others. But somehow it’s still a problem. I’m getting no sound out of playback.

To cover the bases:

  • I’ve watched the troubleshooting video. (Several times.)
  • I’ve gone through literally every iteration possible in the Audio Device Setup dialogue, including activating and deactivating exclusive control, switching the output device, and fiddling with the buffer size.
  • The playback line is moving, and the NotePerformer editing window shows that the audio is being processed through the levelers.
  • Yes, my computer’s volume is up (all the way).

I’d like to listen through my bluetooth headphones—why this should be a problem for any program these days is beyond me—but I’d settle for simple speaker output, if nothing else works. But since that doesn’t work either, I’m up a stump.

I’ve been trying to work on my composition exercises for over an hour, but I can’t get to that because I’m having to troubleshoot this. I’m a new user who has loved everything about this program so far; I chose Dorico over Finale and Sibelius because I believed it would prove superior—and it has, in all matters except this one.

There has to be an answer for this. Please…?

Any notation app will occasionally give you playback issues, what OS are you on - Mac or Windows?

Under Edit, Device Setup, what do you have selected for your ASIO driver? And output?

Bluetooth audio is actually a rather complicated subject. They’re a completely separate sound device.

If you need accurate help, as you’ve probably noticed on the other threads on the same subject, you need to post the diagnostic files (hemp menu> create diagnostic files) here.

Hi UniTenor, Bluetooth in general is no issue with Dorico, it does work.
But let’s take it step by step and try to get sound via the speakers.
So if the green line moves and also NotePerformer shows metering, that is a good sign.
What if you open the Dorico Mixer (F3), does that also show metering, especially on the output channel on the right (you might need to scroll).
Or is maybe in that window some channel soloed or muted? E.g. if the DoricoBeep (metronome) channel is soloed, everything else gets automatically muted.
You might not have done this deliberately, maybe by hitting a keyboard shortcut by accident.