Audio Output Issues

Okay, so in my head this really shouldn’t be this difficult but its proving otherwise…

Basically i tried to out to a Bluetooth stereo, but when i changed the settings back to output from my Macbook its not working at all.

In Devices > VST Connections i have the outputs set the same as other projects that work. I even made a template from a project that works and used it in this one and nothings happening.

In Devices > Device Setup > Built-in Audio the two outputs i’m using (left and right) both say active.

In the Mixer i’m getting output from every track apart from the main stereo out track at the end (far right).

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!



Fix - After reverting back to the original, the outputs on each individual track had been set to ‘none’ for some reason. So of course after changing it to stereo output it worked fine.