Audio Output Problems

I’ve been having problems with Cubase Elements 6 where I open up my project and the audio output is always inactive. I’ve gone through my driver menu and switched between different ASIO drivers from internal and external hardware and still always the output is inactive no matter what. I’ve had similar problems with Cubase LE 4 before. The funny thing is I open up the demo project and it outputs audio fine. But then I looked and the input was inactive no matter what I tried. Any suggestions how I might resolve this problem?

In the devices sub menu the interfaces ins and outs will be inactive unless used/assigned in a project.

When starting a new project, the channel assignments may not be correct, the best thing to do is to make some templates set up correctly and use them as your starting point. The connections of a project should be stored with the project, but switching drivers when active can make Cubase loose the assignments. In the connections menu save your preferred connections then it’s just a load away.

Then it’s obviously a problem with one of the project’s settings. Try pressing F4 and going into the outputs and see if it’s routing to the correct default output.

Ok, thanks guys! I got it fixed! Using F4 got me to where I needed to go.