Audio Output - Request for help

Using M-Track Plus w/ 2 inputs - recent purchase came with Cubase LE 8.

Trying to change audio output to go from PC via HD cable to TV/Home stereo (this set up is working for everything else). But whenever M-Track is plugged in (USB) I can’t seem to change output to the TV and am stuck using the M-Track Phone Jack. Though once I unplug the M-Track, the output reverts to my stereo.

I’m sure I could use the monitor outputs on the back of the M-Track and plug in to my stereo receiver but I’m trying to avoid the redundancy as my PC is already hooked up to the stereo…


Hi and welcome,

You cannot use multiple drivers (audio devices) at the same time in Cubase. The only one exception is, if both drivers are multi-client ASIO, which is very rear.

If you really want to use two devices, use the software emulation of the multi-client ASIO driver: ASIO4ALL.