Audio Output Setup

Hello, I know that my Steinberg UR 44 can be used as an audio usb interface for the purpose of having separate inputs (mics, instruments) into my computer. I would like to know how to set it up where it can be an audio interface for the purpose of having separate outputs from different software from inside the computer moving the signal through the UR 44 and through the unique outputs on the back. I have only been able to output from software with the Steinberg audio device, but I have not been able to figure out how to send the audio from my computer from different software to the unique different channels of the audio outputs on the UR 44.

Is this possible? If so, I would be grateful for some guidance.


John H

need more info.
What programs will you be using that you want assigned to audio outputs ?

great question! Sorry I didn’t clarify. I am using Skype Launcher to launch mulitple skype accounts simultaneously on one mac mini. Doing it this was allows me to mix the different caller’s voices for a podcast so that each can be edited separately in post production. So, I am trying to get the unique separate Skype calls to move through the UR 44 and out through the separate line outs and finally into a mixer.

John H

If you are running multiple instances of Skype, you could try to go into the settings of each instance and change the output bus. I have no idea if that works, there is a chance that different skype instances always have the same settings.

This is unknown territory for me so I can’t think of much else. I don’t know how this is usually done.

My point in asking which software you are using goes hand in hand with Strophoid’s comment.
the software you are using usually dictates the busses of your device you are using. for instance
on Windows 7 I have the systems audio designated to come out a specific stereo output of the 56 possible busses of my RME card. I use different busses for Wavelab and CD architect. so look into the preferences or settings of Skype.

Even though I use Skype at home I have never tried to use multiple instances, so let us know what you come up with so the rest of us gain from your tests.


I have the UR44 interface and I am running Cubase 8 pro on Windows 8 computer. My question is this. I have one TR cable connected to output 1 in the back of the UR44 and another TR cable connected to output 2 in the back of the UR 44. I have output 1 and 2 cables connected to left and right stereo inputs on my stereo PA amplifier. I have my instruments in Cubase spread out in the stereo field. But it seem like I am getting mono out of each channel from my stereo PA amplifier. Shouldn’t it come out stereo? Are the outputs in the back of the UR44 capable of sending stereo signals?

or are the setting on the amp causing the signal to be mono’d ?
I have seen amps that will do stereo, Left input to both channels, right input to both channels, both inputs summed to both channels.
Some amps have input selection switches.

while feeding a distinctly different signals (in cubase) to both outputs of the UR44, you should see the cubase meters showing distinctly different signals, then do you see the same on the UR44 ?

I don’t know about the UR44 but could it be internally summing the signals? are there selectable mode options on the UR44 ???

Best of luck,
keep us informed.


I’m having trouble with my which cannels I should be using on my output tab for return going back to my Motu 24Ai to my Tascam DM24 with Cubase Pro 8. I’m using Adat light pipe from the Tascam DM24 mixing console to the Motu 24AI and then USB to the PC Windows 7. Any suggestions