Audio Output to Earphone Jack

Hello Guys.

I’m quite new to Cubase LE 9 and i was hoping if someone can help me resolve an issue.
Basically, i was trying to tweak some of the settings and for some reasons, the output audio is not being routed to the earphone jack (before it used to), only to the built in speakers. To isolate the problem, i closed cubase and opened itunes, inserted my earphones, played a music and it is working well. So it is not a HW problem, and not system problem in Mac. I already checked some probable fixes like checking my computer’s audio set up, Cubase Device Set up and even deleted the preferences so that all set up are returned to factory defaults. But the issue still persists.

Im using MacBook Pro with MacOS Catalina 10.15.4.

Would appreciate so much for any help you guys can extend to me. thank you.


Hi and welcome,

I have to say, I don’t how this is handled on macOS side. Is there a dedicated driver for the Earphone Jack? Or is it part of the build-in Output driver? In this case, is the handled like other output (like output 3 & 4 for example)?