audio output


I am using CBe7 with HALion Sonic SE and want to bring this on stage.
Is it possible to have different audio outputs +/- stereo Strings 1/2 - Percussion 3/4 - sax 5 - click-track 6?
Main thing is the solo click-track audio-out plus one or two stereo out-puts.

What hardware options do I have? budget +/- €250,=
Is it recognized by CB?

Please help me out and thank you very much!!


With - €250 you have no options with + €250 you have some, depending on what kind of hardware you are talking about.

Thank you Svennilenne,
The hardware is just a labtop W7.
and UR2814 or Audient id14?

  • as a keyboardplayer I don’t use the mic-line inputs.