Audio Output

Im wondering how i would make the audio still come from cubase whilst the program is minimized so i can play along to other programs such as guitar pro etc?

It should just work, I sing to karaoke that way.

Unless you have that checkbox in devices maybe, called release driver for other applications or something to that effect.

When you switch to another app it just cuts out?

Hi thanks for the reply, When i dont have the Release driver for other applications unticked and minimize cubase it works, but then guitar pro will not work, but when i do have the release driver for other applications ticked, and minimize cubase it stops but guitar pro will work.

For some reason guitar pro does not want to share the drivers with cubase, is there a way around this?

I would open a support ticket with them as it seems to be more of a guitar pro issue other than a cubase issue.

I’m not familiar with the product, it doesn’t run as a VST or rewire?

The thing is, i don’t think its just with guitar pro. I was on it today and i clicked off it to go on youtube,so i could play along to a song with my guitar but obviously the sound stopped in cubase, but when i go back and forwards i have to refresh the youtube page otherwise the youtube video won’t work. Either sometimes the video just wont play or it will and there is now sound. Looks like cubase doesnt want to share any drivers?

No, it does not. I think that is an OS thing, as opposed to being app-specific, but I could be wrong there.