Audio outputs not connected -Bug

Randomly reopening sessions the audio output routing is lost. For instance, a client asks to turn the lead up but your routing is lost and you have to reroute every channel of the mix and redo the whole master output when resetting the output. Cubase 9.5.41


I’ve got this issue. All my control room settings are lost. I spent time resetting them all and BOOM! lost again. Isn’t it about time we had a save file for these or is there one already, like key commands. Same goes for my Midi connections in my midi device manager. When that gets broke, redoing it tends to seriously destroy old projects using hardware. I’m going to start noting the names of the synth part in the project on the midi track note pad.

Just connect the Audio Device again, so it knows where to send the Main OUT. And make a Preset while your at it.
if you change drivers, or forget to power on your audio device (making Cubase choose another driver) this will continue to happen.

I did have presets… but it’s disappeared. Even the new one i made after it disappeared, disappeared. I have quite a control room set up.

I have the same problem with Windows 10 (1903) on a Legion Y530 connecting to Cubase Elements 10.
even when I try to pick the basic (and only one showing) ASIO driver, it instantly reverts back to not connected.

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