Audio Panning Woes

Hello People.
I have a mono wav file which I have imported to a mono track in Cubase 9. There are no effects or sends. It is routed to Stereo Out. The pan control has no effect. I have checked that the panner is on. The blue level bars in the Stereo Out strip show that it is receiving equal signal on each channel even though the track is panned hard left. Stereo tracks sound stereo. I’ve searched these forums and Googled a bit but nothing I found helped.
Cheers in advance!


Is the Panner enabled? Be aware, you can switch it Off.

Hi Martin

The panner is enabled. I read other posts and tried disabling and enabling. When disabled the balance panner is greyed out.


So is it routed from the Mono track directly to the Output Stereo Channel?

Hi Martin, Yes it is directly routed to the output stereo channel. I have tried other projects and they behave the same.
The sound is slightly louder when the panner is central but no panning takes place when I change the position of the panner.

Could you maybe upload the cpr somewhere to see if anything looks odd when loaded by someone else.

No audio /project folder needed, just cpr.

Here’s a cpr file which has a mono track (Main Voc (D)) which I cannot pan.
I hope it’s not something really obvious and I’m grateful for any help.

You should hope that it is something obvious, then it will be easily solvable :wink:

Will take a look and get back to you.

Well I obviously have different gear so hard to be sure if vst connections transfer over with much relevance but the assigned outs don’t seem to be in stereo pairs. I would expect outs to still basically be 1/2, 3/4 etc but here they are random pairs like out3 on my Audient paired with out 5 from my ADAT expander.

Also note that although you said no effects and routed to Stereo Out it seems there are multiple effects on all 4 of the Vocal (D) tracks and they are all routed to “Master” NOT Stereo Out which is one of three different stereo outs you have set up for some reason and probably adding to your confusion.

So check vst connections in the first instance and then recheck your routing is what you think it is.

Further to Grim’s observations about VST connections transferring…they do sometimes get a bit confused when going from one system to another (or they do on my various ones) but like Grim I would expect Stereo Pairs to stick together (they do usually on my systems).

That aside, loading up your file and dragging in a Wave to your Main vocal track (D) I have no trouble panning it left and right.

I’m not sure if this means there is something funny in your routing set-up which is sorted out by moving the song on to mine or something else… but like Grim I’d start by checking all is as it should be in that area first.

Thanks both but it turns out that I am a half wit.
I have listening on headphones and when I sort the routing the track does pan correctly on speakers but not on phones which must be something to with the Saffire soundcard’s headphone routing.
Thanks and apologies!

Glad you got it sorted, anyway! Check your headphone’s lead too…I’ve had weird problems with a loose connection in the past.

And have a look at your Control Room setup maybe?