audio panning


I can pan midi channels but not audio. The pan slider is there and works. It just doesn’t have any effect on what comes out of the speakers. The audio channels are mono routed to a stereo bus. Am I doing something stupid?




Hi, it does not seem to be something stupid you are doing.

Can you describe your whole Routing a Little bit more in Detail?
Interface, which ports in use, etc.?

Cheers, Ernst

Make sure your panner is turned ON!


Cubase 7 Operation_Manual page 186

I am sorry people. The panning is working. However, what made me think that it wasn’t is that the send effects have their own panning which masks the main channel. Is this the way it is supposed to work or again am I doing something stupid? The time lapse from my original post is because my computer has been broken.



There is an option in preferences where you can choose to have send panning follow channel panning automatically, or to be freely adjustable.

Hiya Steve,

Open the Channel Settings window for the audio channel.
In the Sends section of the Channel Settings window, on the Panning tab, each send is shown with a pan fader. On the Functions menu, you can activate the “Link Panners” option. The send panners will then follow the pan for the channel, making the stereo imaging as clear and true as possible. This behavior can also be set as default for all channels. The corresponding setting is available in the Preferences dialog (VST page).

Hope this helps,


Thanks people. The last two posts seem to imply that there needs to be an FX track for each channel that uses a send. So there can’t really be a many to one relationship. I can’t try this out at the moment because my Cubase is broken ( R6025 - pure virtual function call ).

Mind you all the stuff about sends should be in the manual. But does anybody know of a hardcopy manual or relevant book ( even one for a Kindle ) because I just cannot bring myself to try and read a 900 page .pdf file?