Audio part created -- I'ts a BUG?

after having cut an audio event then re-glued with the “glue” tool, it is no longer possible for me to transpose via “info line” for example. Is it a bug or can someone enlighten me why it is like that? THANKS


Doing this you make an Audio Part out of the Audio Event.

You can Bounce Selection to make the Audio Event out of it again.

Another approach would be to use Audio>Dissolve Part to revert back to it being 2 Audio Events. Then Delete the 2nd Event. Finally drag the lower right corner of the remaining Event to the right to reveal the formerly deleted Audio.

Anyway, it ain’t a bug - it truly is a feature.

One more thing. If you double+click on it, the Part Editor will open up and from there you can Transpose the Events using the Info Line.

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