Audio Part Editor - Change between Spectral Layers and Wave File for Free Warp?

I don’t remember how (to be honest) but for a (singular) audio event, I changed the Audio Part Editor to display /work with Spectral Layers. I made some corrections or adjustments in Spectral Layers for this audio event.

Now - I want to time warp this same audio event. I select the audio event, go to the main men to choose Audio → Open Audio Part Editor (to use the Free Warp or time warp tool); but this menu option is greyed out?? Does using Spectral Layers on an event restrict or prevent you from using the audio editor (where it shows the wave file) ???

H E L P!!
Thanks in Advance

You have Spectralayers on the event as an ARA extension - it “overrides” the normal audio editor.

If you want to get back to the normal audio editor, you either need to remove Spectralayers or make it permanent. You can do this by right clicking the event > Extensions. You’ll see the options to do these things there.

Could also just bounce-in-place the audio which would also make the Spectralayers changes ‘permanent’

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