Audio Part Editor in Elements 7 not using lanes


I also posted most of this at Making Multiple Takes Accessible in Part Editor - Cubase - Steinberg Forums, but have posted here also as I may need to upgrade to Artist instead of Elements:

I’ve just upgraded from Elements 6 to Elements 7. I am badly missing the functionality of the Audio Part Editor I had in Elements 6. (Hopefully I have missed a set-up?) The Audio Part Editor in Elements 6 showed me, by default, all events on separate lanes immediately on opening the Audio Part Editor after performing “Events to part”.

I can individually - if possible - separate all the vents and drag them to new lanes, but this is not practical - in an Audio Part I often have dozens of takes, with multiple tiny events in each from previously editing each take.

Elements 6 worked fine for me in this way. I could open the Part Editor to see the events already in place in dozens of lanes, and work through them till I had my “comp” by selecting my chosen events in each lane for each point in the track.

(I don’t know if this is relevant, but even after I have dragged events in the Audio Part Editor to different lanes, I cannot make events active (i.e. highlighted, and audible) by clicking on them; I haven’t tried to address this yet as they need to be in their own lanes on opening anyway - and if that is not possible in Elements 7 I’ll have to use 6, or upgrade to Artist)

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It works the same way, but on Cubase Elements 7 you have to click on the small square placed at the middle of the take, I have attached a screenshot that illustrates it better:

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Thanks very much Guillermo. I am heartened to see the screenshot with all the lanes in use!

However in numerous tests I’ve just done, when I click on the small centre square, all that happens is the event at front moves back. Both/all events remain in the top lane.

NB I am not using a cycle recording or takes/events of identical length. I’m doing what I’ve always been able to do in Elements 6, which is to drag various events from the same or other tracks in to one track, make “Audio to Part”, then click on the Part.



That it’s still posible, but you do not need to move the events into one track, you can select events from different tracks and then select: “Events to Part” leave all the events highlighted (selected) and double click on one of them to open the Audio Part Editor and then you will be able to “comp” the events as you wish.

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Wonderful, I’ve learned a lot thanks Guillermo.

i.e. - In Elements 7, for combined editing of tracks (comping), I can:

  1. Record numerous events on the same track, at any start and finish points, and make them into an Audio Part; Click to open the Part in the Part Editor; and - by clicking on the small centre squares -select any chosen event/s, making it/them audible (this is my usual practice, and I’m delighted I can still do it in Elements 7!)

  2. Record on different tracks, select events on any tracks, and make them into an Audio Part - etc

  3. Use Cycle record - in this case I have to choose “Regions” when making the Part, or they all appear in the same lane.

Unfortunately however, procedure 1. ( above) doesn’t work for my previously recorded projects opened in El 7. New recordings in these projects work, but pre-recorded events on the same track, combined in a Part, open in the same lane of the Editor.

So editing of existing audio in my existing projects (dozens of them!) has to be done in El 6. I’ve tried backing up the project in El 7, with and without freezing edits, and this makes no difference - parts still open in one lane.

Any other suggestions welcome.

But at least I have no reason to upgrade to Artist, thanks for that.


Unfortunately I haven’t “got it” after all. I just did this:

-made a new project in Elements 7
-imported 4 short audio files, selecting “place in different tracks” on import
-auditioned and synched them in the Arranger window, in their separate tracks
-selected all , “Make Audio Part”
-opened Part in Editor
-played back from start - and they were all audible simultaneously!

So then, in Arranger, I did this:
-dissolved the part
-dragged the four events all onto one track, made them into an Audio Part
-opened in Editor

and they were all on one lane!

btw, Is this query on an appropriate board? Should I take it back to the thread where I started by replying to another query, i.e. “Making Multiple Takes Accessible in Part Editor” (Cubase Elements General Making Multiple Takes Accessible in Part Editor - Cubase - Steinberg Forums). I don’t know if this is the same issue or not.

I’ve edited the title of this thread back to “unsolved” because I assume that flags it as looking for answers - is that right?

New at this, happy to learn the protocol. Thanks