audio part to midi

is there a way to covert an audio part to midi without first bouncing the audio events contained within the part to an audio file, then locating hitpoints, to only then finally extracting the midi information? since dragging the audio part on top of the quantize panel automatically creates a quantize preset, cubase does indeed ‘calculate’ the MIDI behind the scenes already, so it seems like there should be a command to do just that… thank you.

(NB this is re: rhythmic, non-pitched material.)

im not sure what do you mean by not bouncing, but anyway its possible from the sample editor in the Hitpoint section, there is ,create midi notes function there…(its possible also to make pitched midi notes from monophonic music from variaudio)
Edit: didnt know its possible to drag audio or midi to quantize panel … :wink: cool (hope steinberg add some folder system and search function for quantize presets in C9, now its a mess with large amount of presets )

the suggestion isn’t working for me here with audio parts (sic); only working w/ audio events.

You´re right, this should be a feature request.

I would try with a macro, so you can maybe get your midi faster… Have you tried that?