audio parts can't be individually edited SOLVED

A very simple project: just 3 tracks of audio…I’m editing quite normally, but all of a sudden the 3 tracks start to function dependently of one another. That is: click a single track, all 3 highlighted. Cut a single track, all 3 are cut. Moving, erasing, fade in, everything done to one track affects all 3.

I’ve copied the tracks to a new project and the issue is carried over. I have 3 other very similar projects that I’m concurrently working on that don’t have this issue.

I’ve searched the manual to check if I’ve inadvertently selected a “link tracks” function, but can’t find an answer.

Any advice is appreciated.

P.S. I’ve found a work around: by copying the entire project 3 times and using the “remove track” function on a different track from each of the 3 copies, then merging them, but I’d like to find out why this happened and hope not to have to do this again.


If your tracks are in the Folder, make sure Group Editing is not enabled in the Folder, please.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Martin. it was the term “Group” that I needed to know. I must have inadvertently hit Ctrl G!