Audio parts don't play in track but do with the 'Play' tool

I have a project that was all working fine until I opened it today. Will try to be succinct as possible.
Cubase 11.0.41 on Windows 10 with all project files on a separate drive to OS and Programs.

Project has 3 mono audio tracks, all of the same guitar and with multiple takes (D.I. - Mic 1 - Mic 2)
1 track is fine but the other 2 suddenly have a problem.
Both do not now play through their track/channel, but they do play through the preview listen if I use the (right click) ‘Play’ tool on the parts, or indeed on the active take lanes beneath.
The relevant takes also play with the preview play button in the audio pool window.

I am a long time Cubase user myself but have never encountered this before, I am hoping someone else has and knows what to do. If I’m being a stupid, blind idiot so be it, won’t be the first or last time :grinning:

Thanks all.

Monitor isn´t on the not working tracks?

Output routing is not set to “No Bus” on the tracks that´s not working?

Do the not working tracks at least give feedback on the fader on their channel ?

Both guitars in same speaker? left/right panning!

Lets say the working guitar is Track 1. Duplicate that track and remove the guitar audio track on the duplicated track and copy the guitar audio track from Track 2 that´s not working atm and paste that in to the newly duplicated track to see if you get sound from both tracks.

Just a few simple tips to check.

Hi and thanks.
No definitely not Mon button and all three tracks routed via the same subgroup. I tried going directly to main stereo bus but no difference. There is nothing on the fader channel of either of the ‘dead’ tracks. The mics are an x/y pair panned a little left and right with the saddle bridge pickup in the center. It’s an electro-acoustic guitar.
Yesterday all was normal and working fine… been using Cubase since Atari days but this has me baffled so far!
Good suggestion to try track duplication, although copying audio would be painful as there are 7 takes in places and the track swaps between them at certain points. I’ve already done a lot of work on this track…

Posting a screenshot or two of the Inspectors for the problem Tracks and also the non-playing Audio Events (or are they really Parts?) - select one of the Events and make sure to show the Info Line for that Event.

Will do

So - focusing on just one track, Steel Guitar Mic 2 and Lane 6 (Take 6)
Audio file is Steel Guitar Mic 2_01

Sorry if I confuse by calling them ‘parts’ - started Cubase when MIDI only and just call all ‘chunks’ parts - events is correct

I am listening on Monitor 1 (Cue 1 also no joy FYI)

Could it be an issue caused by Insert plugins? I’ve had tracks die before when a demo plugin licence expires, for instance.

Well I did try bypassing (there’s only one in place) - will try removing…

Cracked it Tim!
Thanks so much - bypass didn’t work but removing altogether did - there’s a beer in my fridge anytime you’re in Maidstone, Kent, UK :grinning:

Not a demo plugin so will have to see what’s gone amiss - SPL Deverb on the mic tracks as my room is not the greatest acoustically (and I am a fussy old fellah!)

Thanks Kubbe and Raino too for the input - beer o’clock.

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Just in case it helps someone else - I did purchase the SPL Deverb plugin from the off - what I hadn’t realised was that you still have to activate it after the 14 days free trial is up - we live and learn.

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