Audio parts editor playback

The Cubase 6 guide says that when editing multiple takes in the audio parts editor, that selecting different events in those takes will have playback priority. But I can’t seem to make that happen. I select/highlight different events on different tracks (using shift+select), but playback doesn’t shift from selection to selection on the different tracks. I’ve tried all the variations of playback, audition, solo editor button on & off, and whatever else I could think of, but no dice. It seems that the only way is to drag the selecting events to a new track.

Thanks for any help!

Are you clicking on the events in the different lanes, using the regular Select tool, or the Comping (Hand) tool? If you are clicking with the regular Select tool, you need to find the little widget at the bottom-center of the event (this has the same effect as clicking anywhere on the event with the Hand tool).

Maybe you could post the page number to which you were referring?

Thanks for the advice. Really helped. I think I’m getting a handle on comping. The comping tool never really gets explained fully – at least not for me. But one learns by trial and error.

The page(s) (173-174) I was referring to is in the “Fast Guide to Cubase 6” by Simon Millward. (Sorry, Simon, there ain’t nothing fast about first learning to use Cubase 6.) I’m using that book, plus another called “Cubase Tips and Tricks” by the same published, plus, of course, the pdf manual that comes with the software.