Audio Performance- Crazy average & peak loading

Hi folks, I notice that when I click into the track list, say a VST instrument, or Addictive Keys, the Audio performance, both average and peak loading goes crazy. I then get some glitching when peaks max out.
I have spent the evening upgrading all HP Laptop drivers , windows up to date as is the audio interface driver. All good.
I have some disabled tracks, tracks that I created and don’t need anymore. When I click into those, the average and peak loading does not max out and the music/song is played normally. It seems to be the only way around it.
What is happening when I click on an enabled track that it should suddenly result in spiking ave and peak loads?

Note this happened only after I upgraded from Elements 10 to 10.5.
Really annoying.
Any ideas or suggestions on what this could be and how to fix it?
My Laptop is a HP FD2M15MN, Intel Core i5-6200 CPU @2.3GHz, 8 GByte RAM. 761Gbyte free of 1TByte Hard Disk, connected to Scarlett 18i8 2nd gen Audio interface.
Many thanks


When you select the track, the Record enable is switched on automatically, so you can immediately record to the track. But this switches the track to the “life” mode. The track expects any input, so it doesn’t use the ASIO Guard and the buffer the same way and it’s rendered in real time. Therefore it loads much more CPU power.

You an disable this automatic Record enable in the Preferences > Editing > Project & MixConsole > Enable Record on Selected MIDI Track.