Audio Performance Full after Crash C11


Cubase 11.0.40 Crash when i insert EQ MP from Softube. After Restart cubase, and rename the title (to save the progress) to xxxx-02, Performance meters are full all the time ( Average and Maximun) at 256 buffer, and at 90% in 512.(RME UCX).
The sound is a mess with droputs, peak noises…

I´d try everything, from power configuration to other more advance conf in windows and bios, but nothing seems to solve the problem.

My other projects are fine, the problem is only with this one.

Any thoughts


If this problem is caused by EQ MP, then you’re better off contacting Softube. Had a lot of weird stuff happening from buggy plugins in the last years. Does it go away as soon as you remove EQ MP?

Try deleting personal preferences from the safe mode console.

Cubase has many bugs and for no apparent reason sessions go to hell.

Although, in this instance it’s too much of a coincidence that the issues started from when you used the Softube plugin.

Rule of thumb, save as often as humanly possible.

On the first sign on a spike, bug, turn off the session and do not save.

I had horrific problems with spikes that went away after I deleted personal preferences.

You never know, it will might work for you.

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It’s not a plugin problem. Infact i already disabled all inserts in all channel, and the meters are the same, full, with dropouts, clicks…

Can you teach me how to delete those preferences?


Sure thing,

During the program startup press Control+Shift+Alt.

The safe mode console will come up (the same can be achieved if you open task manager and end task for Cubase, upon restart, the Safe Mode Console will come up).

Select ‘Delete Program Preferences’ and then ‘OK’.

Even simple things like color scheme can cause problems, my computer now doesn’t like high power scheme for Cubase, it works great on ‘normal’, go figure…I am baffled but at least I got to work, and I too had horrendous spiking issues.

I hope this works for you.

Thanks for answering.

i just try disable and delete program preferences and none of them works for me.
Performance metters are full at 256 buffer, and 90% at 512.

Desactivating all third party plugins works, and the metters turno to 5% but that is no solution for me, because in other proyects i dont have that problem, its just this one after Cubase Crashed.

Also i’d open the original file and that one is normal, no clipping no dropouts…but i lost a lot of progress. As you said its imperative to save as much as you can with cubase.

Im thinking seriusly moving to Bitwig now.

Thanks anyway for all the advices,


You just said this is being caused by a third party plugin. Try saving your project under a different name and remove the plugins until you find the culprit, then check if there’s an update available for the plugin. If there is not, consider contacting the developer about the issue.

I already disable all inserts in all channel, and renamed the proyect an its the same…

its just cubase doing bugs after a crash

And also the original file, with the same vst´s but before the crash is ok on the metters…no problem at all

Thanks 4 the reply

I am so sorry to hear that.

Sadly, I believe that the file is corrupted. Cubase does that, as I said, save constantly (save new version is a good idea) and at the first sign of trouble, abort the session.

Try a couple of other things:

  1. Save the project as template - open a new project and open your template on this new project.
  1. Start a new Cubase session and import all the tracks (you will have to import the tempo track from the corrupted file, I am not sure if Cubase 11 can import the tempo track).

  2. Open an empty project, open the Cubase file you have trouble with. Don’t activate. You can disable all tracks on your bad Cubase session. Once you have done that, activate the session, see if this works for you.

Again, I am so sorry to hear that. I hear you. I tried to move to Studio One and it was like an Alien console to me…Cubase is unfortunately irreplaceable to me and I have to take all the issues that come with it…

Thanks for all the reply

I havent solve the problem…so il keep in mind saving proyects a lot more than now, and maybe ill move to Bitwig in search of not having this issues.


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Sorry to hear that. Good luck with your move to Bitwig, haven’t heard of it, I might give it a shot.

I’m confused. In this topic you’re saying that this is an one-off issue (as far as I can tell) that was caused by a third party plugin, but your takeaway from it is that you should switch DAWs? That makes no sense to me.

Check other forums and you’ll see plenty of horror stories about corrupted projects from pretty much every other DAW. This sounds very tame in comparison. As I understand, performance issue aside, this project is still fully functional and should be completely salvageable. If removing plugins doesn’t help, then open your old original project or create a new one, then use File > Import > Tracks from Project to extract the tracks from this broken project. That should work, or at least help you locate the track that’s causing problems.

You said earlier that disabling all third party plugins made the performance meters drop down to 5%. It sounds like you’re missing something.

You should try temporarily uninstalling the Softube plugin that originally caused the issue. There could be a “ghost” version of this plugin inserted into one of your tracks. Remove both VST2 and VST3 versions of the plugin.