Audio Performance issues with Universal audio Volt 476 & Cubase 12 pro

Hi, just plugged in my new Volt 476 audio interface and the Audio Performance is shocking. Every song peaks and is unplayable within 20 seconds. There are peaks on empty projects when I press play or even if no project is loaded.
I have changed from a UMC 1820 - on which I never had this issue.
I have adjusted the buffer sizes from 2048 to 32 but nothing seems to work.
I’ve attached some photos.
Any help would be fantastic.

I think I’ve sorted it out. It needs a USB C to USB C cable. I was going from USB A to USB C. No longer anywhere near peaking but the ASIO guard seems quite busy which I haven’t noticed before.

just bought the Volt 476p a few days ago and I’m experiencing the same - the Asio guard hits the roof within seconds although buffersize is 1024. When trying to set it to 2048 Cubase 12 Pro freezes completely. So, I’m curious of your solution - did you install a USB-C card to be able to connect a C-C cable or did you use a converter? Or some other solution? (I’m not using a laptop here…)

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I have Mac mini m1 that has USB C connections.
It has improved it but I’m still unhappy with the performance.
The system requirements say that it needs a USB 2 or higher so it should work with a USB A to C cable.
I’ve ordered an Apollo Twin X Quad now and sending the Volt back.
Sorry I can’t help any further.

Hi Matt, I found this which might help

Thanks, I’ll doublecheck mine is on. Hmm bought a USB C port Pcie-card, 10 Gbps, only to find there’s no free x4 card place…well, well.
Thanks anyway!