Audio Performance Meter Freezing - All Audio Drop CB12

I’m running a new M1 Max with 32gb of ram. I’m scoring a 3 minute film and can’t get past 1:30 without the audio spiking and making all the audio inaccessible. Once it spikes I can’t get any audio to play inside Cubase. Not even the audio from the film. I have to save the session, close Cubase and reopen. The ensemble is orchestra VSTS for 2 Violins, Viola, Cello, and Bass from Modern Scoring Strings, bass trombones from Modern Scoring Brass and flute, oboe, clarinet, English horn, and bassoon from Chris Heins Winds, a harp, mallets, and some Spitfire percussion, and Genesis choir running. This doesn’t seem like a lot. The audio is running through a RME Babyface.

I’ve increased buffer size, updated drivers, etc. everything is basically new and a fresh install. All samples are saved on a Samsun SSD external and everything is plugged into CalDigit TS4.

I never had an issue on my i7 that I built. I had massive orchestra templates on there with no issue. I don’t understand if it’s a Cubase issue, a computer issue, or a VST issue. Can anyone weigh in?

What means spiking?
Peaking? Too much volume? Or do you have drop-outs and stuttering?

The audio performance meter is red lining. Once real-time and peak actually peak, all audio drops and no audio can be heard again.

Okay. So I opened up the project in Native this morning, and other than 7th Heaven Reverb, everything loaded. I maxed out the buffer and the audio performance levels where SO LOW it was amazing. Yet, for what appears to be no reason, the audio still has dropped out of the entire project after playing for about a minute. No sound. No performance peak. I can see midi is working, but there is no playback sound on anything (even the movie file) and there is no way to trigger any sound. AHH! What is happening??

Maybe some plugin on your master bus/control room that is misbehaving? You could check that by disabling (alt+click, not just bypassing) those plugins and see whether that works. I’ve had plugins that suddenly thought they were unlicensed and just didn’t pass any audio…

Some people reported, there are plugins in demo mode doing strange things.

I thought it may be the Genesis Choir plugin so I reinstalled it through Kontakt and Froze the track in the score. I then went about working for about 30 minutes. The work seemed faster having Genesis frozen. Unfortunately, while I was auditioning an articulation in MSS I heard the small pop, and then the Audio Performance meter froze, and then all audio in the entire project cut out. Same symptoms, no audio coming out of anything and frozen Audio Performance meter. I don’t know what to do and at this rate I won’t hit my deadline. Super frustrating.

mmk mmk. I think I solved it. This one’s on me.

I re-installed Genesis through Native Access. This changed the file location on my SSD drive from the previous location. The load time in to Kontakt 7 was seconds as opposed to minutes. I’m going to re-download all my libraries through Native Access instead of just pointing Native Access to their install path on SSD in hopes that it prevents any other future freezes. Deadlines will be met after all. Thanks for the support!