Audio performance meter - no activity

I was using a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 as my backup audio interface to my UR242, it was working fine, then it glitched out and started maxxing out the audio performance meter. Long story short uninstall/reinstall. Upon reinstall and reactivation, this is no activity in the audio performance meter, hence no play back, no monitoring, no nothing, it plays through the track, but nothing is processed. The interface people ensure me there’s nothing wrong with the device after service/inspection. I bought a new Steinberg UR24C interface to replace the Focusrite but i’m having problems with this one also, however, different problems they only exist within Cubase 10. It is fine in all other applications. Please help.


Why is your Audio Device clocked externally, please?

Sorry, see attached.

Have now uninstalled and reinstalled Cubase and Focusrite. Still no action on the performance meter. Is there an incorrect setting in studio? ASIO 4 ALL and generic low latency driver work fine. It’s just the interface.


What about the Clock Status: Synced on the Focusrite driver? I don’t know Focusrite driver, but shouldn’t it be internal sync?

Well, I’ll be, it appears that the latest driver on the Focusrite website is missing a component, i believe, it’s half the size of the original driver i downloaded. I was able to retrieve the old driver which i downloaded in April, used that one, now i have audio performance back. That’s day’s I’ll never get back again, thanks Focusrite, well now i guess i have a spare interface with my recent UR24C purchase.