Audio Performance meter spikes - 3rd party gui

Hey guys. I have a 2015 MacBook pro that is having major CPU spikes and issues with third party plugs when i open up and alter/operate the GUI’s , specifically Trackspacer and the Sonnox Oxford Drum gate. I started with a fresh and latest install of macOS catalina, Nuendo 10.3, then 11 with the latest update from Jan 20’ and newest installs of everything else. No matter what I do on this install, the audio performance meter begins to escalate , ending in spikes and interruptions in the audio , after I open these plugs. Heres the weird thing…

I went and bought the 2015 macbook to upgrade from my 2012 macbook pro with all the same installs. Everything works fine on my 2012 in 10.3 but not 11. I did a time machine copy of that working laptop and booted it on my new 2015 machine and everything works fine in 10.3. So it is software based from what i can tell. Is there anything you guys can do to help me with this issue ? I had Adam from Steinberg sign in my laptop in teamviewer with two tracks with trackspacer and a few others and, spikes galore and he couldn’t figure it out. I would really love to tackle this anomoly.

Is it only happening with specific plug ins? It’s the plug ins.
If it happens all the time, then maybe Nuendo 11.
If it happens sometimes, on both N10.3 and N11, then the computer is at fault.