Audio Performance meters is peaking

I bought a new Mac Studio M2 (I used to work with Windows)
I hoped everything would work great. Unfortunately, I have major problems with the ASIO guard and latency when working with Cubase (same in C12 and C13). I thought it was Rosetta’s fault, but I switched to silicon since UAD offers VST3—still the same. A few VST’s instruments and the Peak meter move all the way to the right. This is with a buffer of 256, so not that low. I use Apollo x4, that’s why I’m asking. Does anyone have any advice?
Mac Studio M2 Ventura OS
Apollo x4
Cubase 13 pro

Which VST-instruments you are using?

Kontakt 7, Keyscape, Superior Drummer, Ez Bass, Albion, Spitfire Appassionata (and few others).
Kontakt I guess is the worse.
It also looks like I have to start the project several times in order to play it without dropouts.

Unfortunately, no one helped, but the matter resolved itself. I mean, NI solved it.
After updating Kontakt 7 to the latest version, everything works like a rocket! The best computer you can imagine.
Several Spitfire, Kontakt Albion 1 and many others, Keyscape, Superior Drummer, EzBass, Opus, open and playing at the same time.
Some strong reverbs, many plugins. (Loaded for intentional overload))
Real time _ 2%
ASIO - Guard_6%

Update Kontakt7!

Hey sorry I didn’t see this earlier. Had the same issue replicated. Kontakt update fixed to most recent fixes*