Audio Performance reading

The top 3 bands of the auido performance are nearly 50% in a small project of about 35 tracks using VST instruments, samples and audio.
Are there any settings to the computer that can be tweaked to lower this ?
I’m running Cubase 12 pro and Windows 10 and have done all the usual windows set up.


There are several options to optimize performance, increase the buffer size for playback would be one:

I’ve tried different Buffer settings and the results aren’t much different.
Are the BIOS settings still necessary now that we’re at Cubase 12 ?

Is this OK ? for latency etc ?
Or, should I keep tweaking


What are your system specs and OS?

When you are done recording, latency doesn’t matter anymore. Thus, you can put it to the max value.

If you are still recording, try to identify what is the most resource hungry track. You could freeze/disable every synth track one after another and identify the culprit like that.
Once identified, freeze those particular tracks.

I’m just trying to get an indication of what the ASIO guard should be.
Most of my projects are much the same as this one.
Do people have better latency readings or worse or is there no criteria ?

Is there an actual problem like clicks or dropouts or something?

No, So I’ve decided to leave it.
I expected more from a new build machine.

If you have no problem and want to lower latency you can try to turn ASIOguard off completely, make the buffer(s) smaller, double your sample rate (though it’ll probably close to double the load on the CPU), or any combination of the above.

Just in case you didn’t know, the performance meters in version 11 and 12 work differently anyway, and are not directly comparable.

OK Thanks.
I’ve decideddto leave it alone as it’s working

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