Audio performance rises to 100% with a Workspace

I´m working on any project, let say the audio performance is at 80% with any Workspace or Mixconsole I open as should be, but when I switch to the following Workspace (which combines half Project window and half a Mixconsole) audio performance goes to 100% and of course many dropouts to the point I can´t continue.
Asio guard is on, buffer size at maximum.
How is this possible?


It seams with this windows layout (Workspace) Cubase had to draw something CPU expensive. Is this the only screen/monitor you are using? Isn’t there any plug-in opened at any other screen?

a) which Cubase version
b) can you post a screenshot of the Audio Performance window to get a bit more detailed information
c) no good idea atm :slightly_frowning_face: usually such jumps in the audio performance can be explained if you record enable a track (e.g. a VSTi), but I don’t know if that can happen with workspaces, and anyway, you have the master out selected, so that doesn’t apply…

Answering both:
It´s the only screen I´m using, no other plugin open. Using a 43 inch 4K monitor.
Running Cubase 12 on Windows 10.
Difficult to post a screenshot while resources are at 100% but believe me this:
cpu 15%
asio 100% (when selecting this workspace)
peak 30%