audio performance stops for half bar - Win 10

I’ve got a problem. In some cases audio performance is stopped.
In example below (look at the picture) audio stops playing at 22 bar, it doesnt play for a half bar and starts playing again. (All audio tracks are muetd for that half bar) MIDI plays all the time.
It happens always when i play this song from the first bar, but when i play song from 17th bar for example, everything is ok. After song export all seems to be fine too.
It happens sometimes on first bar too. (only for audio, midi playback is ok)

Whats going on? Help me please.

Im using latest Asio4all drivers (i tried Generic Low Latency Driver too)


Try to increase the Buffer Size of your Audio Device. If it doesn’t help, try to decrease it. What instrument is used, HSSE?

Hi Martin
Thank You. Ii’ve tried to overcome this by increasing “disk preload” (from 2 to 3) in Vst Audio System… Problem in 22 bar has gone, but it not allways works if im playing song from the first bar… sometimes audio tracks play correctly, sometimes they start from half of first bar…

So I’ll make some tests with buffer size.

Yes, Im using HSSE in this song, but instrument/midi tracks are played correctly, i mean just audio tracks

I noticed it happens SOMETIMES (not all the time) when i switch from Windows to Cubase (release driver function is chcecked)
When i run a song second time, its played correctly…

i have no luck… seems like increasing or decreasing buffer size doesnt work…
i’ve made some with Asio buffer size in Asio4all control panel…

Is it always at the same place, even if you increase/decrease the Buffer Size?

this thing at 22 bar is ok after disk preload change…
now i talk about song starting. Everything (miditracks) starts from first bar, autiotracks are muted for half bar. They are not deleyed, it sounds like it was unmuted at half of first bar…
It happens not each time.